Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Certainty Principle

Oil on canvas board

My impression of racism as a problem.  Nothing in this world is black and white.

Brass in pocket

So, I've got a little spending money.

I could consume, give to a worthy charity, or save.

All my options are the opposite of denialism.

Because I don't have children, I don't get a tax break.  Kind of like being paid to procreate.

What this leads to is a life like in 'The Hunger Games', or 'Divergent', or 'Ender's Game' or 'The Giver.'

It seems fact is just catching up with fiction - the futuristic world of 'Brazil' is now within the scope of reality.  Where terrorists attack innocents and repairs are done best by professionals.

My computer is my little window on the world.  It is optional if I participate.

Or I could live a life of denial - hence denialism is the new framework for rebellion.

Whether I am too old to care, or cannot afford financially my participation in the great economy, I am forced to care.

No longer can I just let life pass me by.  I am forced to care lest I deny my existence.

The end.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Philosophy and Religion

Philosophy gives a man a pair of comfortable shoes...
Religion makes a man walk.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Whatever we do...

Whatever we do filters down to our children.
If we teach them to say no to drugs, chances are they will eventually try them.
If we hit one another physically, chances are they will try the same behavior.
I may believe I am lost at sea, and I don't affect children in any way,
but there are those who teach on recess rather than in class.

The teacher may have a structured classroom.
One with many desks, and a chalkboard.
But what about the class clowns?

The audience may line up, buy a ticket, and sit in an auditorium.
---expecting to be entertained by what happens on stage.
---expecting to laugh, cry, and applaud.

A person may go to a therapist, and get healed - however unlikely.
It is the person who heals himself.  Therapy comes from within.  Healing is drawn out by one's surroundings.  It can never be imposed by force.

So, is the main problem of life how to teach correctly?
The rules and regulations our ancestor's devised?
Or do we write our own rules regardless of the powers that be?

We are at once the ones doing and the ones done.
Every moment counts, yet matters not at all - that is the paradox of life.

Are you going to go silently or kicking and screaming?  Whatever you do, do it wisely, and remember the children are listening.