Monday, September 22, 2014

Bitterness at the state of the world.

So, here we are in the global economy.  I can't begin to describe how sad the world makes me.  I have agreed that I am committing slow-suicide by continuing to smoke cigarettes.  I have tried to quit, but why even bother?  Am I truly so sad that I feel I would be better off dead?  Perhaps.
Firstly, everyone hates the president of the U.S.  Russia is continuing to escalate war in Ukraine.  We are now bombing Syria and Iraq.  It is hard to find happiness when the world is in such a state.
I do find meaning in painting pictures.  I have to get business going by marketing my artwork.  It does not come to me naturally.  I can't afford an agent.  I can barely afford to make ends meet.
That is all.