Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Only in painting...

In writing, you can see 10 months pass by in two sentences.

Only in painting can you see 10 months in two seconds.

That is all.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Wrap your head around this:

There is much to read...

There is so much more to read than there is to write.
My God, there are students at MIT who videotape (DVD?) their every single waking moment.

I believe in the future we will go to theaters to watch other people's dreams.
It would get really interesting if we could learn to control our dreams, in the manner which people learn to control paint, jewelry, ceramics, etc.

But until that day, we will type on computers.

I often dream my computer gets completely overtaken by some evil.
This evil prevents me from using the computer as a two-way device.
I am completely limited to the evil and whatever it says to believe.
This is why computers must not be let ruled by evil.  Like Disney or Pixar.

We must keep ourselves with freedom of speech and original idea.
OUR ideas matter more than a corporations.  Corporations are zombies.
WE are human and have original ideas.

Some bulbs are brighter than others, but we all shine on.

Another dream I have is when I run out of light bulbs and my bulbs keep going out.
WE must fight the darkness and nothingness too.