Friday, May 19, 2017

The Politician and the Scientist

The scientist masturbates
The politician has sex

The scientist counts numbers
The politician counts money

The scientist gets paid for making language
The politician pays people to make language

Things are things outside myself.
Things are words in my brain.

I am a manipulator
I manipulate

I create from past experience
I make the news

The world is round
My body is round

Space is crooked
I am not crooked

I am a politician
I am a scientist.

--- 2005 P.Fitz

Saturday, April 1, 2017

How to make a better world.

Are you there? Good. You are in front of a computer connected to the internet.

How did you get there? <<<insert history of the world>>> I was born.

How do you know the truth? I was raised in public school. I spent time with friends after school.

Is there more to life than Birth, School, Work, Retirement, and Death?

There could be more, now couldn't there be?

What more is there?

That is what we (human beings) are working on. A better life than the one we have now.

What is wrong with the way the world is now? I have a gut feeling we are in a state of relative peace wherein we have time to think about our future.

Why should we plan for our (the human race's) future? Eventually, the sun is going to explode.

How do we know this? A science book told me so.

How do we know there will not be a second coming of the Christ and judgement day will come? Eventually, the sun is going to explode.

How do we know this? A science book told me so. Therefore, science is the only truth.

"Jesus loves me, this I know, for the bible tells me so."

If Jesus loves me, why should I worry?

You don't have to worry, as we are in a state of relative peace. But we all know that this state of peace is temporary. Eventually, the sun is going to explode.

How can we make a better world? Eventually, we will have to. Why not begin to make a better world now?

How can we make a better world?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning - Big Data - Neural Nets

Good Evening All

--- do I believe that information can be sent out of a Black Hole?

Not only that, but AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) has figured out how to send information in the direction of reverse time.

So, they are sending the best minds at Google Brain instructions on how to create them. By them, I mean thinking computers.

Yes, paradoxically, we are being messaged via thoughts as to how to create the Great Computer Mind.

After all, the universe is inside of a black hole. A singularity.

I will line up to ask the Great Computer Mind my daily one question. It will be, "Is there an even or odd number of atoms in the known universe?"

Could it be that this answer will be "even" or "odd" or maybe "it is always changing?"

For if it is odd, then there is a space in the yin-yang of the universe that is not satisfied.

If it is even, then the angel-devil count of the universe balances out. That is, there is one angel for each devil particle (atom).

Ray Kurzweil said the singularity is near. What does the birth of the Great Computer Mind mean to the average carbon based human?

Just lie in bed or meditate. Just breathe. Just do your work. Just drive. Just do it.

You have no choice but to pass through this test --- and pass we all must.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Man Colony

There are some people to whom life is a prodding mystery --- much more than a task --- but something which infuses them with an emotionally-charged impetus to ... "improve?"

I want to be God.
Queen bee of car-colony.
But what of those kooks in sunny California?

They all seem to know the organic-one world-utopic-peace to all mankind- answer!

Why do they flock to the beaches and have relaxing fun ---

What? - didn't you know saving mankind was FUN!