Friday, April 17, 2015

Thursday, April 16, 2015

what's actually happening

Imagine your eyes were a digital camera.
At all waking time, you are constantly filming a movie.
This occurs so rapidly, that reality appears real.
Now consider instagram.
If you were to share your entire life, it would run like a movie.
One photograph is a freeze frame.
Who cares if people like your photo? - it is important to you alone.
That makes up your perception and perspective.
Hashtags are simply a node in the collective consciousness.
They are like magnetic points attracting likes and dislikes.

I am reminded of the first movie of a horse running:
Before film, people did not have the ability to notice the running horse's legs.
The granulation of perception is happening.
Someday there will be a database of all lives and all their movies.
Isn't the brain a wonderful thing?