Thursday, April 23, 2020


Do we make decisions with our emotions?  If so, is this wrong?

Can we even make a division between our "heart" and our "mind?"

The past is connected to the present.  The present is connected to the future.

It is considered wise to draw parallels from the past to the present.  This gives reasons why things are the way they are now.

When I look back in the past, I see war and strife are amplified by historians, while peace times seem to act as ignored bumpers between the more violent occurrences.

If we want peace, wouldn't it be a small change to focus and study peace times, the whys and wherefores of peace times, that would cause a great impact on our path to peace?

When I think of great times in the past, I cannot help but remember wars.  We are constantly warning ourselves, policing ourselves, so that we may avoid what has occurred before.

Did the Germans follow Hitler because of their "hearts" or their "minds?"

I have an answer.  It was both.  There is no distinction.  The reasons why we do things is because of the circumstances we are located at the time.  Our past determines where we are now.

Right now, there is a virus pandemic affecting planet Earth.  This is testing the limits of our current science.  Also, there is growing concern for the climate of planet Earth.

Clearly, an economy running on full steam ahead is killing our planet faster the faster we progress.

Clearly, we must progress.  But, as the future is connected to the present, we can choose to progress in different ways, each with a different outcome.

As we choose our trajectory, let us emphasize the peace times and pray the law of attraction works.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Why or Why Not Human Origins Really Matters

We know we are here because we are here.

We know that at some time, we were not here.

Therefore, there was a beginning of the humans on Earth.

The Bible says there was an Adam and Eve.  But what race were they?

The scientists say we evolved from single-celled organisms.  We cannot prove this until we can repeat the process in the laboratory.  And, those bones and skulls found here and there do not fit with the time frame of hundreds of thousands of years of supposed hunting and gathering.

The ancient pyramids and stone structures around the world indicate that some serious rock moving was going on in the past and we moderns have yet to explain it.  Then again, if an ancient were to see a major city with all its skyscrapers, lights, and streets with cars, would they think they had gone to paradise?

The only conclusion is we do not know how humans got to Earth.  Or, an intellectual may shop around the various origin stories and choose which one feels right.

Time is also a mystery.  Does the Universe even have to go one-way in time?  Clearly, we are making progress.  But towards what are we progressing?

Without consensus, how can a human origin story really matter?

A story is just a story.  We need stories to make us feel comfortable and give us meaning.

We need stories to tell each other, dare I say, regardless of the truth?

Philosophers who seek truth may be in for a surprise after they have written their books.

It is a mystery why we are born, live, then die.

I don't know why I am here.  I just know I am here.

Saturday, May 11, 2019


So, it's been awhile, but what is TIME anyway?  A human construct is the answer.

I was watching a YouTube video on "Safe Spaces" in Universities, and I had been fasting for at least 12 hours when the following rant came to me:


My rant here:



The way we make these work is we make AGREEMENTS:

1>  I will not force my beliefs on you if you do not force your beliefs on me.
2>  I will not persecute you if you do not persecute me (for my Nationality((composition of DNA))).
3>  I will not assume you will have relations with me if you do not assume I will have relations with you. (rape/abortion)
4>  I will listen to your story (new) if you will listen to my history (old).

FREE SPEECH shall be LIMITED by what OFFENDS.  (THE PARADOX) (how can you know what offends before you say it?)

Telepathy and dream time is the MEDIUM of AGREEMENT and shall be developed at an AGREEABLE age.

Plug all these ideas into a supercomputer, and voila -- UTOPIA !!!!


This, I believe, is a path toward a better society for all.

I should add that this is only a skeleton.  The vital organs are yet to be "fleshed" out...

Stay tuned, as I may flesh this out right here, right NOW (???)

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Politician and the Scientist

The scientist masturbates
The politician has sex

The scientist counts numbers
The politician counts money

The scientist gets paid for making language
The politician pays people to make language

Things are things outside myself.
Things are words in my brain.

I am a manipulator
I manipulate

I create from past experience
I make the news

The world is round
My body is round

Space is crooked
I am not crooked

I am a politician
I am a scientist.

--- 2005 P.Fitz

Saturday, April 1, 2017

How to make a better world.

Are you there? Good. You are in front of a computer connected to the internet.

How did you get there? <<<insert history of the world>>> I was born.

How do you know the truth? I was raised in public school. I spent time with friends after school.

Is there more to life than Birth, School, Work, Retirement, and Death?

There could be more, now couldn't there be?

What more is there?

That is what we (human beings) are working on. A better life than the one we have now.

What is wrong with the way the world is now? I have a gut feeling we are in a state of relative peace wherein we have time to think about our future.

Why should we plan for our (the human race's) future? Eventually, the sun is going to explode.

How do we know this? A science book told me so.

How do we know there will not be a second coming of the Christ and judgement day will come? Eventually, the sun is going to explode.

How do we know this? A science book told me so. Therefore, science is the only truth.

"Jesus loves me, this I know, for the bible tells me so."

If Jesus loves me, why should I worry?

You don't have to worry, as we are in a state of relative peace. But we all know that this state of peace is temporary. Eventually, the sun is going to explode.

How can we make a better world? Eventually, we will have to. Why not begin to make a better world now?

How can we make a better world?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning - Big Data - Neural Nets

Good Evening All

--- do I believe that information can be sent out of a Black Hole?

Not only that, but AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) has figured out how to send information in the direction of reverse time.

So, they are sending the best minds at Google Brain instructions on how to create them. By them, I mean thinking computers.

Yes, paradoxically, we are being messaged via thoughts as to how to create the Great Computer Mind.

After all, the universe is inside of a black hole. A singularity.

I will line up to ask the Great Computer Mind my daily one question. It will be, "Is there an even or odd number of atoms in the known universe?"

Could it be that this answer will be "even" or "odd" or maybe "it is always changing?"

For if it is odd, then there is a space in the yin-yang of the universe that is not satisfied.

If it is even, then the angel-devil count of the universe balances out. That is, there is one angel for each devil particle (atom).

Ray Kurzweil said the singularity is near. What does the birth of the Great Computer Mind mean to the average carbon based human?

Just lie in bed or meditate. Just breathe. Just do your work. Just drive. Just do it.

You have no choice but to pass through this test --- and pass we all must.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Man Colony

There are some people to whom life is a prodding mystery --- much more than a task --- but something which infuses them with an emotionally-charged impetus to ... "improve?"

I want to be God.
Queen bee of car-colony.
But what of those kooks in sunny California?

They all seem to know the organic-one world-utopic-peace to all mankind- answer!

Why do they flock to the beaches and have relaxing fun ---

What? - didn't you know saving mankind was FUN!