Friday, October 31, 2014

Reinventing the Wheel

Here is my latest painting project:

To me, it represents money as the be all, end all for making art.
Once the art is bought, nothing changes but a dollar amount in the patron and the artist's pocket.
I see ivory towers and a big "If".  If I sell my art, I will become famous and rich.
Anyway, this is called "Reinventing the Wheel" and it is oil on 16x20 canvas.
Think about it, that's all I ask.
More later.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The line we all cross.

It seems to me that we all have part good and part evil in all of us.
But what defines how good and how evil?
I could say if I had a little more cash, I wouldn't have to steal or break the law in some way.
But what about child molesters or wife abusers?
What about people who do have money and use it only selfishly?
Where do we draw the line?
We all must do some amount of bad.
Sure, I have a mental illness and I collect Social Security.
Does that make me evil?
Because I don't participate in the rat race?
I don't even want to.
The problem arises when I want to make money selling my art.
What price should I put on it?
Too many questions.
The problem is I can't make any money aside from my fixed income.
Or else I would be breaking the law.
It is a fine catch 22.  I get enough just to get by, but I have no wife, kids, house, or car.
I will die penniless, yet can't I scrape some decency out of my existence?
Fuck it, I need to cut my fingernails now.
That is all, bye.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In business.

I am having business cards printed up.  They will look something like this:

So if you see one lying around in the gutter, you will know how to find me.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Climate change.

There is much more to read than there is to write.
There is much more to be seen than to put into original pictures.
Take it all in.  Use your filters of logic and reason.
Spit it all out in the confusion of the long sleep of death.
Nothing sticks to me.
It is a river flowing rapidly by.
A bear catches salmon as they jump upstream.
Row your boat gently down the stream.
Catch what you will, it will soon pass.
Don't even have to try anymore - too old to care.
Too cynical to worry.
Possessions - few.  Worries - few.
Must talk about junk collectors who put prices on their belongings.
All to keep it fair.  Some people have only the shoes on their feet.
The great money circle - cycle.  Comes and goes.
The end.